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The Pure Life Collection - 1.1.2019

Posted by The Canvas Project on

It’s time to the start off the new year with a bang! January 1, 2019 we will officially release The Pure Life Collection. The collection will consist of 12 hand-painted items, each with a concept or theme. Each item will be a 1 of 1 and will NOT be re-created once sold out.

Also included in the collection, will be a series of Canvas branded items that are hand-painted and/or acid washed. Each of those items are also 1 of 1’s, but can still be custom ordered with similar or different colors.

Finally, there will also be over 15 different styles designed by the Canvas team, in hoodies, t-shirts, crop shirts, long sleeve shirts and baby body suits. Other accessories will include mugs, aprons, journals and Phone cases.

Those who are subscribed to our email list, will receive a special discount code before the actual release. Follow our Instagram: to stay up to date and see the exact time we’ll be releasing the collection.