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Welcome to Earth NFT Project


From a galaxy, millions of miles away, there were a group of aliens that were carefully selected, to carry out a mission with the objective of exploring the planet Earth.
After hours of rigorous training involving eating food from Earth, watching TV shows, and also learning how to dress like a human, it was determined that their training was complete.
Let’s just say some learned quicker than others. Stay tuned as the story unfolds, with the crew of Ozzy’s and their journey to planet Earth.
In the meantime, visit
to see where they all currently reside, and how you can get one yourself!
And one last thing.. Rumor has it, some Ozzy’s got lost in space, and there was actually another ship. None of the Ozzy’s on Earth will confirm or deny if this is true.
To find out the truth, make sure to subscribe to our list with your phone number, so we can send updates on the truth about the lost Ozzy’s!